Enforcer/Euro Panels

The following settings must be programmed for all installations/take overs.


APP exit times should be set to [000]

Service time days [360]


Engineer code - 0308

Master code - 3934

System Displays (sub menu of System Options)

Any areas programmed should be named accordingly, if an area is not used it should not be assigned to any users to prevent it from showing on the App.

Sign on message should always be [Grey Shield Sec.]


App setup

  • Use App - Yes
  • System ID - (site specific)
  • Cloud Password - grey0308
  • Security Level - Normal
  • App Password - building number and postcode in lower case e.g. 11cm71dx
  • Always poll cloud - Yes

Programme WiFi

  • Setup with wife device - No
  • SSID - (site specific)
  • Password - (site specific)
Set up downloading
  • Download by - Cloud
  • System ID - (site specific)
  • Security level - Normal
  • System Password - grey0308
  • Always poll cloud - Yes
  • Roving Dial - Yes
  • Auto Upload - No
  • UDL Password - Leave this blank
  • Site Name - Leave this blank

Insite Setup

Before you leave site you must make sure it is connected to the cloud and accessible via the Insite software. Upon logging onto the software select [Roving Dial Customer] and insert the following credentials

  • Dial out mode - Cloud
  • System ID - (site specific)
  • System Password - grey0308
  • System security level - Normal
  • Engineer Code - 0308
  • Site Name - Leave this blank
  • Shared Line - No
  • Shared Rings - 2
  • Enter Customer in database as - (site specific)

If all programming has been done correctly you should be able to click on [Dial] and connect to the system. Once the customer has been added to your softwares database you must click [Data from panel] to take a full download once you have fully programmed and commissioned the system.

Homecontrol 2.0

Download this app on the customers smart phone via the App store, they will not need to sign up to this app so all that is needed is their System ID, user code and app code (property number and postcode in lower case e.g. 11cm71dx)